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Featured Teacher: Mr. Johnson

Schuyler Byrd, Writer

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Warren Central’s choral department is a big part of student’s and teacher’s lives. Both the teachers and students work tirelessly to provide marvelous productions that bring in large crowds. This nine weeks, the Norsestar News has chose to commemorate Mr Johnson as our featured teacher. Mr Johnson has been teaching at Warren Central for three years. He teaches Choir, Keyboarding, and AP Music Theory.

Mr Johnson became a teacher in hopes to impact students’ lives through music. His goal is to help kids love music just as much as he does so they can carry it through their lives. “Music helped me so much in Junior High which is when I first joined choir. Junior High was a really tough time. I think that music is something that really helped me get through High School and I hope that maybe I can help what we have here be a guide and a light.” To Mr Johnson, teaching is very important which is why he became a teacher. Growing up, he never thought he would be a teacher until he got to college and changed his major. “I didn’t do it to teach. The love of teaching came after I started teaching. Music was my path. Education is very important and I’m very proud to be able to teach.”

Mr Johnson loves to read, play piano, and share his food with people. He’s from Iuka, Mississippi where he lived with his younger brother, mother, and father until he left for college. “I love working with Mrs Robertson. Her leadership has been enjoyable. I like what the choral department has here and the different things we do,” said Mr Johnson. He also loves the show choir. He also greatly enjoys his piano class and his favorite class to teach is AP Music Theory. “I handle teaching so many classes by taking each class as they are. Some classes you can do more difficult music and they can understand it. Because they understand it, that doesn’t mean that others will as well. You have to find music that’s appropriate for that particular group.” Mr Johnson also said that the biggest issue he had to overcome is being such a young teacher. “Trying to get students to respect me as an authority figure is kind of difficult because it’s hard for them to see me as that. I try to be nice and be a teacher but sometimes you can’t always be both,” he stated. His favorite thing about teaching Total Sound is being able to do different types of songs. He loves to sing and dance and he is able to express that through Total Sound. “I do love typical choral music but I like Total Sound because it is that one class that’s different with up-to-date music such as Pop.”

Mr Johnson’s love for music is what makes him an amazing teacher. Warren Central appreciates all the work he has done for the students. It is because of his hard work and dedication that makes Warren Central’s choral department so great. Teachers like him fill the student body with a love for music.

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  1. ML Champion on May 18th, 2017 7:46 am

    What a great article! Very proud of you, Eric!


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Featured Teacher: Mr. Johnson