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Senior Wills 2016-17

If you would like to find a specific person, press CTRL+F and type in their name.

I, Mary-Elizabeth Ballard, leave Ann Wallace DeRossette 540 hugs, Mia Wamsley one jelly belly pet rat candy, and Lauren Hughes my confidence and all my love. I leave Abigail Taylor and Angela Stevens my extra motivation, and Schuyler Byrd the TEA club. I leave Parker Waites (PK) and Caitlin Doyle (Lil Bit) my singing abilities, and Elijah Prevot wonderful choir memories. To Lee Fortner, I leave the stage. I hope you find joy in every school day you have left.

I, Abigail Barnes, leave Barrington Barnes our daily morning jam out sessions and the Barnes reputation (don’t screw it up). I leave CJ Houston my inability to break mallets, and Nick Tello our “time to cry” during practices. I leave Hope Marshall my makeup skills and our same taste in amazing shoes. Lastly, I leave the BBDL all of the sweat, tears, and laughs we have shared together. Who we be?

I, Tatyana Barnes, bequeath my colorful smiles to Kayla Ross, and my willingness to succeed to my baby sister Mya Andrea Shorter.
I, Raychele Bowling, leave the following items to my favorite Human A&P juniors. To Christina, I leave you the blanket of tears I created throughout senior year. To Aliyah, I leave you my losing curse in Uno. Sorry, I’m still salty from every Uno game you beat me at. Audrey, I am leaving you the number for my psychiatrist, may you get the help you need. To Michael, I am graciously leaving you my collection of Pokemon, you just need to figure out the password to my Pokemon Go account, may the odds be ever in your favor. Finally, to Lauren I leave you all the success in the world, go far, friend, go far.

I, Kentavis Brown leave my Cadet Commander spot to whoever receives it, I leave my mascot spot to the next Victor Viking, and I leave my school spirit to Rogers Wesley and my hard work and dedication to my little brother Preston Hall.

I, Jamie Bridges, leave Kaitlyn Ashley my parking spot. Reagan Bussey my amazing ability to perfect the messy bun. Roogan, Roley, and Sklyler my memories in band and DSU. I leave my seat on the band bus to Kyler Farrar, and my chair in band to the trombone section…(may the odds be ever in your favor.)

I, Nikirah Bridges, leave my best wishes and support to the upcoming Total Sound choir and the volleyball team. I also leave my love and enthusiasm to Dalton Thornton, Rogers Wesley, Erica Collins, Asia Wilson, and Katelyn Morson.

I, Asher Carson, my debonair good looks and my face to Elijah Prevot. No, we don’t look alike. I bequeath my parking space to Peyton Pierce even though she already took it. I leave my personality to Drew Jackson. I leave my height to John Robert Jabour, you won’t be short forever.

I, Brandon Caruthers, leave my jokes and pranks to Micheal Boboski.
I, Taylor Rae, leave KDM all of the Tallulah memories, our chance of getting famous, and constant laughter. I leave Cortlyn, Hope, Lakendra, and Asia my love for Friday Night Lights (gotta blast now ily)

I, Amber Chase, bequeath my actual love for my biology to Zaria Nixon, and I leave my Parking Space to Toshianna Marbra

I, Kamira Clark, leaves my wisdom to Raymona Clark, my great behavior to Barry Clark,Tamaris Clark, and Randy Clark. I am confident that yall have the words, stories, and knowledge necessary to empower a new generation of WCHS students to change the world. And also, i leave Raymona all my secrets and ideas.

I, Evan Cochran, hereby leave Will Gatewood the memories of tea and inspirational talks. I also leave him my parking spot if he accepts it. If not he can do with it as he pleases.

I, Jacob Cochran, leave my incredible height to Grahm Tweedle, my amazing golf game to Zane Flaherty, and the soccer team’s defense to Treyce Keyes.

I, Joy Davis, will leave my 10 hrs of sleep and hard working attitude to Kennedy Davis.

I, Sebastian Davis, leave the fear of the band masses and the low sax section to Sara Beth McKellar. I leave my adoration of the fine arts to Drama Club. Also, I leave nothing to everyone else.

I, Sarah Hunter Fordice, leave the best senior year ever and my parents to Mia Wamsley, I leave my parking spot to George Wilkerson so everyone can see your beloved Jeep, and I wish to leave the rest of an awesome high school experience to Leanna Goss because you’re awesome and deserve it!!

I, Dillon Green, bequeath my full head of hair to Coach Greg Head

I, Xian Mae Hadia, leave my extensive math knowledge, hopeful wishes, and love to Lindsey Bailey, Dekoree Freeman, Katelynn Pettway, and Adison Hearn. They are four of my most favorite people in the world. 

I, Chad Hanes, bequeath all my trash and color guard cubby to Rheagon Boosey. I give my sister Kaitlyn Ashley my legacy of being hateful and always correcting people.

I, Jasmine Hicks, leave my funny times and remembrance to Johnathon Sullivan, my laughter, family love and singing memories to my brother & sisters Kevon Porter, Kaylyn Jackson, Hailey Jackson, Bre’Aunia Hall, and Czaria Bell; and my goofiness to DaQuanese Damper, Calvi Cattlin, Jamiah Hynche, Tyrique Willis, Jordan Smith, Brandon Scott, Christian Oakes, Mason Quimby, Mack Foley, and April Lynn. Gonna miss y’all!!

I, Brianna Howard, will leave my smart wit and kindness to Alliyah Turner, and my ability to be patient to my brother Jesse Schiele.

I, Aaliyah James, leave my sisters Angela James and Taylor Watson all the hot tea, my excellent study skills, my sarcasm, our memories, all my weird sayings, and all my love. I leave Angie my letterman and Clarissa, my clarinet. I leave our band camp shanks, snide comments, the art of never practicing, never liking the songs Mr. Arendale picks, and 20,000 laughs to J Smizzle, my girl. I leave all of the bus trips and fun times in practice to my clarinet crew Shawndria, Averionna, Jazmine, Zarria, and Jayda. I leave Janus Jones all our hallway insults and band jokes. I leave Caitlin Doyle and Jada Banks the will to deal with Mr. Arendale all four years. I leave Mary Beth Tingle Lifetime movies, amazing hugs, all my hair braiding techniques, and wonderful memories from our Tennessee trip. I love you MB!!!! I leave Skylar Brumfield all of my dank memes. Stay fresh!! I hope the rest of high school is as fun as y’all have made it for me.

I, Morgan Jarabica, give my great dancing skills to Wesley Ricks, and my cannon of an arm to Aaron Greene.

I, Jonathan Jackson, bequeath my tuba and dancing skills to Malik Taylor, and my parking spot to my little brother Drewzy Woozy.

I, Alexis Johnson, leave my fun personality with Roger Wesley. I leave my smile and goofiness with Erica Collins.

I, Jameelah Jones, bequeath my cheer spirit and dance moves to Varsity Football Cheer Team, my smiles to Jada Lee, my fashion sense to Kylah Steadman, my leadership to Chris Pope, my funny memories as a Viking to De’Arius Henyard and Walt Hopson, my videos to Destiney Swartz and Machia Lumpkin, I leave my intelligence to Amber Gaston, and my epic scores to WCHS Archery Team.

I, Lee Catherine Kurtz, leave my inability to do yearbook senior year to Gracie Roberts.

I, Samuel J.King, bequeath my leadership skills to La’kendria Ray. I leave my family’s legacy to Preston Hall, hang in there P. I leave my parking spot to Jerrica Hill. I leave all the stress Mr. Wong caused me to Darius Watson. I leave my outspokenness to Jalen Curry and Tomisea Martin. Last but not least, I say to the WCHS Staff thank you for all of your support, encouragement, and most importantly your love.

I, Michaela Lambert, leave my spot on stage to my friend Kari Arthur.

I, Kiara Lockhart, bequeath my leadership skills to those who look up to me. I leave my intellect, work ethic, attitude and athleticism to my teammates and younger friends. To the girls basketball team, the trophy is yours. I love you all: Amber, De, Coa, Dasha, Tee, Asia, Niya, Teleia, Bre and my 9th graders. Lastly, I leave this piece of advice to the coming up seniors: “Senioritis is real! Don’t let it catch you.”

I, Faith Marshall, will my love and memories to my sister Hope, my marimba to D’Janae Phillips, my common sense and my cymbals to CJ Houston, my marimba skills to Andrew Hood, my patience and Wendy’s memories to Alex Scott, my bus seat to Chris Pope (obviously), my laughter to all of my favorite people, and the best of luck to BBDL. Make me proud guys!

I, Lynn McCay, leave my great leadership to all the football players.

I, Casey McDuff, leave my protection sense to my cousin Kaleb Britt. Good luck. You got this!!!!!!!!!! You will be the next one!

I, Macey McDuff, leave my incredible fashion sense and my parking space to Kaitlyn Lowe.

I, Anna-Claire McKellar, leave Parker Waites all the fun conversations we have at lunch together. I leave Caitlin Doyle as the mom of the color guard. I leave all the fun times singing, and all the crazy conversations in the choir room to Anna Hoben, Ann Wallace, Carley Smith, and Kayla Hancock. I leave all the fun band trips/ winter guard trips to Cutler Lynn. I want to leave my sister (Sara-Beth) all the fun memories of high school.

I, Tyler McRight, leave my parking spot to Clayton Thurman, and my baseball locker to Sean Daily.

I, Michaela Mobley, leave my piccolo to Erielle Smith, my bus seat and my love for mashed potatoes to Hope Marshall, and my sarcasm to Abigail Wallace.

Matthew Newcomb, I leave the dirt at first base to Christian Oakes.

I, Brett Oldenburg, leave Colin Standish my ACT score, and my chili dog to Peyton McCurley.

I, Ke´Airra Phillips, leave my unarmed exhibition drill to Mya Shorter and Jamia Oliver. I know you guys will succeed beyond what we did. I’m proud of you guys. To Jerrica Hill, Jamayra Evans, and Antionica Jefferies I will miss you all. Y’all are like my little sisters, so stay focused and enjoy high school. It will be over before you know it.

I, Brandon Pratt, bequeath Anthony Lane to be the leader of the drumline hype and the Granddaddy OX 12s. I leave Gabby Bowman my seat on the bus and the leader of the crunchy tunes on the bus. I leave Hayden Hughes my chops and my back strength. I leave Alex Scott my weirdness and all my weird jokes that she hates. I leave BBDL the sauce and my sick beats. That is all.

I, Andrea Roberts, leave my wit and sense of humor to Toni Jackson.

I, Brittany Shelton, leave all my dance moves and my awkward jokes to Noah Graham.

I, Jackson Smith, bequeath my leadership skills to Kendarious Ross. I bequeath my instrument cubby to Kyler Farrar. I give my seat on the band bus to Tyler Starnes. I give my love of conducting to Drew Jackson. I leave the trombone section in jazz, marching, and concert band the best of luck for many years to come. I will the bass trombone to Kendarious Ross. I bequeath my parking spot to Kyler Farrar. I bequeath my superior copying skills to Peyton Pierce. I will my cymbals to Madison Maynord. I give my characterization in Indoor Percussion to Hayden Hughes.

I, Aaron Terrett, bequeath the alto saxophone section to Dylan Carlisle and Skyler Anderson.


I, Brooklyn Thomas, leave my love and ambition to Zharia, stay cute and see you next year. I leave my good style and taste to my twin Erielle. I leave Amber all the funny memories of me being her hype man. And to everyone one else DON’T procrastinate like me!

I, Alexander Velazquez, bequeath my sockos and mile time to Hannah Huntley, and I also bequeth my money shots to Ian Gordon.


I, Olivia White, leave my divergent sense of style and devotion to the art of makeup to Redford Lowery, my effortless tennis volleys to Laney Smith, all the amusing times I’ve had backstage at the musicals to Timothy Brown, my atrocious case of senioritis to Taylor Smith and Myshia Waters, the severe pain, sweat, and buckets of tears I’ve devoted to Biomedical 2 to George Wilkerson, my laughter I’ve shared in response to all his silliness to Ian Gordon, my love for the French language and Twenty One Pilots to Katelynn Pettway, and last but not least, all my love for tennis to John Jabour.

I, De’Sha Williams, leave my amazing cheer legacy with each and every one of my cheer babies. I leave all of my favorite cheers with the 2017-2018 basketball cheer team. I leave my good looks, hilarious personality, and knowledge with Noonie, Leeanne, Jada, Myk Myk, and Maiya…… *drops mic*
I , Taya Cage , bequeath my humbleness to Danesha Burden , my patience with Tony Cage and my ability to get along with others to Terry Phillips

I, Jessika Williams, leave my attitude and smart mouth to Anyah Thompson and Trayla Smith.

I, Tra Winters, leave my funny jokes, swag gear, and ripping to Oppa, Vertez, Patrick Walton


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Senior Wills 2016-17